Clearline Companies


The C-Port product line has grown to over 20 different models and over 70 different size applications. Using the patented C-Port product he set out to develop a business designing custom rooftop walkway and fall prevention platforms to create a non-penetrating, modular system that contractors all over North America have come to appreciate. The primary industries holding strong customer-supplier relationships include those in plumbing, heating and air-conditioning equipment. 

Clearline Traffic

Clearline Traffic is a division of Clearline Technologies Ltd. Clearline Technologies has been manufacturing world-class products for the construction industry out of 100% recycled rubber for 20 years. We have continued this tradition with our new line of traffic calming products. Every design feature on our products has been carefully thought out, researched, developed and tested to ensure that we provide the best product with the highest quality and features for everyone to benefit from.

Clearline Self Storage

Clearline Self Storage provides secure, heated, indoor self storage at great rates. In addition to the traditional storage lockers, we provide service for both residential and commercial use


MyGenie was inspired by losing daily battles against technology to the point where we would surrender and give up. There’s always something we don’t know or know how to do, and if you’re technologically deficient like we were, then you know that sometimes you need and want someone to hold your hand to get you through it (and there’s no shame in that!).

Our Mission is provide you with dedicated support committed to making your life easier.


Our mission is to INSPIRE the world by creating a hub for people of all walks of life to gather ideas & concepts with businesses that have surplus supply streams. By partnering with companies, Repurpia brings mass quantities of excess materials to the public and uses the concept of open sourcing to commercialize products while reducing the scrap that goes into our landfills.