About Clearline Technologies

Dating back to 1965, Murray Krovats Ltd. has not changed its honest foundation of business ethics and innovation. President and owner, Neil Krovats took over the reins from his parents in 1986. Neil has expanded the business capability and business operations with an extended product line, exporting into international markets outside of Canada. 

The C-Port product line has grown to over 20 different models and over 70 different size applications. Using the patented C-Port product he set out to develop a business designing custom rooftop walkway and fall prevention platforms to create a non-penetrating, modular system that contractors all over North America have come to appreciate. The primary industries holding strong customer-supplier relationships include those in plumbing, heating and air-conditioning equipment. 

Clearline prides itself on contributing exceptional value to their customers. As an industry leader, Clearline Technologies products are not only applicable towards Leadership in Environment and Energy Design (LEED) credits but also do not charge a premium price. Customers want high quality, innovative design and a competitive price tag. Clearline delivers.

Our Roots

The plumbing and construction industry has always been common knowledge to Neil, as he grew up learning the trades. Once he purchased the company from his father, at a young age, Neil had over twenty years of experience in project bidding, product design, and customer service in his pursuit to create a market leader. Neil found himself on the receiving end of a salesman where he recognized opportunity. Passionately he ventured out from the grandfathered North American business model and focused his energy into developing what Clearline is today.

It all started with his invention of a rooftop equipment support system made from recycled rubber tires; he invented and patented the design title C-Port. Next, he developed a modular rooftop walkway system to add to the line. Within a couple months, Clearline Technologies was distributing across North America out of their Winnipeg, Manitoba headquarters. C-Port was named Product of the Year in their category by ECM (Electrical Contractor and Manager) Magazine and was in the running for overall Product of the Year.

Today, Clearline is a hub for innovation where industry inventors network and attach their spokes. Clearline Technologies can accredit its strong management team for taking revolutionary and environmentally smart products to a large-scale market. 

The company multitasks to connect major players in the marketplace with innovative approaches to the stubborn traditional methods of construction. The inspirational and can-do attitude is contagiously threaded throughout the culture. The company employs approximately 20 people in the disciplines of Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Lean Manufacturing, Operations Production, as well as Industrial Design.